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Need for Business entity, Need to save the planet from Global warming... Need to cut down the Carbon Foot Print... Need to live on a Greener Earth... Need to save the unfolding Natural disasters... Need to re-align carbon intensive activities such as Electricity consumption hence heat generation....

The BO5’s core activities consist of helping Corporate, Large, Medium and Small Business enterprises business organisations and residential clients to reduce their Electricity consumption and its cost. Simultaneously, at no cost to the client make the environment more Greener; enhance the client’s business compliance with a Global carbon foot print standard, in other words less CO2 emission generated by any business concerned. Technically speaking human activity is the root cause of the rising level of green house gases in our atmosphere.

Inevitably, electricity consumption for any business needs concern two major draw back issues such as CO2 emission and heat generation. One is the combustion of fossil fuels to generate the electricity at the source of origin (Petroleum based fuel Powered generators) and the other is at consumer utilisation point, i.e. it could be anywhere!. For example, when we consume electricity for lighting, heating and air-conditioning etc. we also generate heat for no reason with out even knowing it, so please look at the below two situations:

Situ 1

1. When we use a conventional Halogen lamp of 50 Watts of power at a 230 Volts AC supply for warm white lighting effect they do a good job and we feel pleased.

2. But has any one ever bothered to check the bulb’s temperature? And do you know what it can be?

3. OK here you are – Say in the case a Jewellery shop operating this particular 50W lamp for 8 hours a day in a locked glass enclosure. So we took this scenario in a tropical country where one’s temperature is almost always 30 Degrees.

4. Guess what? When the temperature of the bulb was tested on the 2nd business hour it was found to be 89 Degrees! That is almost the temperature of your car radiator is heated to a level where the cooling fan is about to cut in.

Does the jeweller need this?
  • Actually the jeweller is burning his Gold items for no reason at his own expense wastefully
  • Thus he has to polish his jewellery items routinely to keep them glittering why because the bulb he uses to keep the jewellery glittering is in fact burning it.
  • There is also a tendency of fire risk in his premises because the temperature is near boiling
  • On the other negative hand he never realises that this unwanted heat generation in his premises is stressing up the air-conditioning to work harder to keep his premises cooler.
  • As the air-con continues to work overtime and it consumes unwanted electricity increasing the Jeweller’s expenses, loading the National Grid for no reason and eventually heating up the environment, hence seamlessly our planet Earth we live on!

Situ 2

Now the same Jewellery merchant uses a significant amount of conventional tube lights of 2 foot (60Cm) and 4 foot (120Cm) long to illuminate his premises. The jeweller has invested the top of the range tube light brands such as Phillips, Osram etc., to ensure his premises stands out to be a cool day light effect. But as far as his business is concerned he does not seem to realise the issues involved inherently causing damages by the operation of tube lights. But again he never comes to know what the tube light is doing indirectly behind the scene.

Let’s take a 4 foot (120Cm) long complete tube light assembly with Philips Lifemax tube Light on it. Now we investigate what exactly going on inside the tube light chassis –

- A starter
- A 40Watts Ballast/choke - which needs to be kept ON all the time to keep the tube light live.
- The Philips tube was rated to 36 Watts and the Ballast to 40Watts. So in effect 76Watts of electricity is constantly being consumed by each 4 foot (120Cm) tube light unit.
- The choke also heated itself and emits about 45-55 degrees of temperature of heat to the ambient environment above the ceiling, where on one noticed except the poor Air-con has to work overtime wasting electricity to keep the Jeweller cooler!

Does the jeweller need this?

BO5 Committed to Fix the above two issues -

For situ 1

BO5 supplies a UK standard, quality assured CE approved bulb of 5 Watts power of the same performance or even High Bright warm white to the same fitting without any modification. The bulb shown below is the one simple solution for the situ 1. This bulb is made utilising the advanced combined technology of Optical electronic and Solid-state electronics with employing fully automated Robotics manufacturing to assure the bulb with a minimum of 30,000 Hours life expectancy at no extra cost. So if the jeweller decided to replace one of his 50Watts bulbs with the one below which takes 5 Watts, thus he would save 90% of his electricity bill cost per bulb and it kills all the above problems when he turn the light switch ON.


High power plug and save90 dimmable GU10 Bulb

For situ 2

BO5 supplies a UK standard, quality assured CE approved bulb of 2 foot (60cm) Tube Light which consumes only 9 Watts of power of the same performance or even Brighter cool day light milky white LED Tube light with advanced and enhanced features – it does NOT need STARTER or BALLAST (Choke). It’s just our tube light on its own! Nothing else the tube light is directly connected to the supply AC hence Zero maintenance and almost little or no heat generation to the environment. All of our tube lights are warranted for 24 months against any manufacturing defects with the minimum of 30,000 hours life expectancy at no extra cost.


Ultra Energy saving Tube lights

Thanks to the tangible technology for eliminating the entire practical problems above in real time to make the electricity consumption, money spending and the environment more sustainable one.

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