BO5 UK Limited

We are a UK based company, our mission is to identify and re-align the core functions of carbon intensive activities such as Electricity consumption and Unnecessary Heat Generation directly/indirectly to make your business and the environment sustainable one.

As we are a Global Company and our HQ based in London... Using the state-of-the-art Latest Technologies, Knowledge, Skills and our 3 Decades of Expertise in the Energy industry as well as we being a Know-How Professionals and Experts, thus, we have the proud and pride to say - We know how to slash your business operational cost especially your "Electricity Bill cost" to a rock bottom minimum level or in many cases we can make it to Zero as well - provided the great 'SUN' shines on you as part of your day-to-day lifestyle and you got sufficient space to install Solar Panels on your roof or anywhere in your premises. The later is the case then you are with the right people.... Rest Assured!.

Services Offered -

1. Professional International Standard Energy Conservation Assessment - to your Business Premises regardless of size of your business.
e.g - Corporate Office/Factory/Mill/Industry...

2. Solar Power Installation using the top 10 leading brands of Solar Panels and Inverters.

3. Professional Intelligent Sustainable Lighting Solution for your Business Premises/Airports/Streets/Factories or wherever you need it. Our own brand bulbs comes with standard 3 year comprehensive warranty.

4. Experts in Managing Energy Guzzlers' Power conservation especially for the Manufacturing Industries or factories - Heavy powered Three phase Motors and other heavy power load management.

5. Experts in installing Alternate Power Solutions - Grid Tied Solar Power System, Hybrid Solar Power System with Mercedes Benz Battery back up to store the energy and to use in night for Houses and small businesses.

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