BO5 UK Limited

We are a UK based company, our mission is to identify and re-align the core functions of carbon intensive activities such as Electricity consumption and Unnecessary Heat Generation directly/indirectly to make your business and the environment sustainable one.

Cool Mission and Corporate Vision

BO5’s core mission is to inspire and encourage our clients’ of all kinds regardless of their business size to comply with the climate change and to adopt the global carbon foot print reduction compliance practices via saving their electricity consumption with respect to all aspects concerned.

Therefore, as an initial initiative we predominantly help our clients to reduce their electricity consumption in their business premises to become an environmental friendly business entity.

To implement our mission we go globally with fully geared to convince our new clients methodologically and practically perform an on-site comparison of their existing lighting devices with our ultra energy saving BO5 lighting products.

We want to do business ‘Thinking Differently’, unique and in a practical way so convincing our new clients become very bonding on long term perspective.

1. We want to carry out an on-site practical presentation and no obligation professional quotation at no cost to our clients globally (subject to agreement) to attract our new clients’ first time get attracted and convinced to proceed to do business with BO5 to revamp their electricity consumption for lighting at an awesome reduced level.

2. We want to be the leading global supplier for ultra energy saving LED based and Chip On Board (COB) lighting products at an affordable price to our clients.

3. We want to be the sensibly priced supplier in the global market to cater to our every single client’s to benefit for their sustainable financial control towards their electricity bill and the environment protection.

4. We want to be the top notch Smart Energy consuming platform provider for the corporate sector lighting needs.

5. We want to be the pioneers in introducing numerous alternate new innovative methods to consume electricity in an intelligent way to save electricity, fossil fuels, money and to save the planet Earth we live on by cutting carbon intensive emissions, carbon foot print hence effectively more sustainable environment and our business eminently becomes sustainable and longevity is no longer an issue for our future generation.

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